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Edited at 27.10.2020 – Romeo and juliet characters, the best way to write a love story

Datum: 11. 4. 2021

How to Structure a Love Story in a Movie

If there is a certain type of relationship between a girl and a man, it would help if we didn’t confuse it. It is crucial to ensure that the couple’s journey to find peace and romance is represented in a film. One of the ideal ways to tell the moral of a leading role is through a unconventional plot. By the nature of a fiction, it doesn’t have to be a quest for a particular woman.  

Instead of going into details, it helps if the genre of the said scene is vibrant and captivating. You can also relate the feeling of belonging and falling for a specific person as a potential bride or groom.  

When writing a moving picture, the most relevant thing is to focus on the storyline. Remember that not all women will be able to connect, sometimes it gets complicated especially for those countries where it’s outlawed. This is because a thematic feature in many movies is that a young boy is supposed to be the hero. Nowadays, every country has its own method of gender equality. Therefore, it is up to the talented writer to adopt the desired narrative and bring out the real-life scenarios.

It is essential to point out that the great majority of people don’t wakeup when the world is flooded with an ongoing bodies problem. Quite honestly, just a few days before the wedding, a family receives a devastating bomb that leaves their loved one crushed. There are three things in life that each wife and child has to share; first, they have to face the risks of losing both oftheir children. The second situation is the father trying to adjust to the new lifestyle, and the third needs to know that his career isn’t contingent on the profession that he is applying for.  

With the above description, it is clear that a pretty easy task depicting a happy marriage will prove to be a source of much anxiety and loss. Hence, it is vital to delve deeply and get to the heart of the issue. Understand that a late entry will probably not prevent the parents from expressing Their wishes, and therefore, the wedding will follow that channel. As a result, the newlyweds are anxious about approaching the big day of the bunch. They wait until the last minute, and that is a huge mistake.  

As a matinee, a wedding has to evoke a sense of joy from the audience. Through tears and grey September 11, 2001, it was a very emotional and physical affair. The almost unbearable experience forced the pair to break down in two, embrace the fact that it is a beautiful and fulfilling process, which goes on even after the formal part.  



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